added 8/13/2014

102' Long Range Cruiser (Preliminary concept)

LOA: 102' LWL: 98' 3" Beam: 17' 10" Draft: 7' Displacement: 158,600 lb.

I was thinking about a boat a couple, maybe with another couple, could really do long haul cruising with. The idea is a long easily moved shape that both gives serious elbow room, but would be very economical to drive. In theory, calm weather conditions would require less than 45 HP to cruise at 9 knots, for a speed/length ratio of 1. If she carried 5,000 gallons of fuel (I hear diesel in 2010 in Venezuela was 37 cents a gallon, making it a destination for many big boats! Oh, I don't know whiteout costs there today...) she should have a range of at least 18,000 miles in calm or off-wind conditions. She of course carries two low masts which not only would increase range, but steady her in a seaway. This has been proven very effective with this boat's smaller cousin, the 71' ELLEMAID shown below. So far this big boat hasn't been turned into a completed plan but if anybody interested in it, I'd sure like to work it up!

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