Big Daddy ULLIN

This design was originally done for a guy who wanted a bit more roomy version of ULLIN (IDLEWILD). This version has 6" more freeboard, a couple feet more beam, and about a foot more draft. This makes her much more spacious! She was to be built of steel in Turkey but one thing led to the next and it never happened. Now, jump ahead to 2015 and Marc Dumay, in Tahiti, liked ULLIN. When I showed him this version he decided to build it, as the photos following will show.

I love his little horse (photo below). I'd get one but my bed isn't big enough for it and my dog too.....


Here's how Marc is building him. The taller house and windows makes sense in the tropics


Every shop needs a little horse!


 Plywood and epoxy is a whole different type of construction from the solid frames and planking and screws I'm used to. Makes sense for a moderate displacement boat like this though. Ply is stronger than steel for the weight and the epoxy coated wood should hold up fine in the warm tropics.


 Completed hull moved out, flipped over (that must have been fun....), then moved back into the shop.


LOA: 55'
LWL: 52' 6"
Bmax: 14' 7"
BWL: 13' 7"
Draft: 3' 6"
Displ.: 45,009 lb.

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