Custom Designs

If you like my approach to yacht design but don't see any of my stock plans that fit your needs, I'll be very happy to work with you to create a custom design.

While of course this is more expensive than buying a stock plan, it is the only way to get exactly what you want. Building a larger boat represents a fair amount of money, energy, and time, and it makes sense to invest in a design that is exactly what you want rather than a compromise. This higher cost for the plans is off-set by the fact that my designs frequently cost less to build than many other designer's boats. This is because my construction background keeps me aware of the "buildability" of the shapes I draw and I don't draw difficult to construct shapes unless there is a specific reason to do so. The resulting straight forward construction plans, coupled with the tremendous accuracy of the plans thanks to the various computer programs that are used to create the design, allow the vessel to go together very smoothly and without unnecessary hassle. In fact, the custom design fee and the building of the new boat together will usually actually cost less than the asking price of a similar type production boat.

While I will point out features that will effect the construction complexity or cost, I will draw whatever you want, UNLESS I think it will be dangerous. As you'll see on the following form, the payment procedure guarantees you that I'll draw what you want! I've worked as a carpenter in some very exotic yacht building firms as well as fishboat yards. I've been involved in the construction of Alden and Herreshoff wooden yachts, the re-creation of the schooner AMERICA, and a Rhodes designed steel 144' luxury motorsailor. I've even helped build warships, and once, years ago, I surveyed out several of the Royal Saudi Navy's wooden minesweepers and started figuring out a maintenance and repair schedule for them. My labors were cut short when I crossed path with the religious cops, and I had to leave rather hurriedly.... Probably most importantly, I've personally built several of my own designs!

I know very well what so called "yacht standards" are in construction and materials. I can spec out the most exotic and expensive or the most readily available and affordable. I can design in any style; from the most futuristic Italian to the most "traditional". And while I certainly have my prejudices and preferences, the final look of the boat is your decision; after all, that is the whole point of the custom design and frankly what makes it interesting for me too; working with the client to create their vision, not mine alone.

The custom design is where my main money comes from. It's also what I enjoy doing the most too; working with a client who has a vision of what he wants, and making it come to life as a complete boat plan. Of all my designs so far, I think I had the most fun working with Pat Blackshaw in creating the original 38' DIESEL DUCK ( which you casn see at ). I doubt I would have come up with the concept alone; Pat knew what she wanted, and we locked horns and argued for probably a year before she was FINALLY satisfied. The results were a perfect example of how the custom design process can work. Her ideas, blended with my ideas, creating a boat we both were extremely happy with. Now of course the bottom line is YOUR happiness, but from my point of view, it's best when we both really like it!

Rather than charge you by the hour which would, if I were the client, make things just a bit to vague to suit me, I use a flat fee contract, payable in 5 payments. Here's how it looks. The price will depend on the size and or type of boat, and whether or not youíre building a production run.

I have posted a copy of a payment schedule for you. Please feel free to print it.

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