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custom design payment schedule

The entire custom design fee is _________ consisting of 5 payments of ____________.


First ____________: Due at signing of contract. Client will provide a thorough description of the size range, type, use, and interior accommodation requirements of the vessel (your sketches welcome and invited!). The designer will provide preliminary drawings based on this description and will revise them until the client likes the look of them. This preliminary study will 'flesh out' the client's ideas, and if it becomes obvious that what the client wanted wasn't going to work out or if the client feels that I'm unable to provide what he wants, the client is under no obligation to continue the design. While this payment is non-refundable, in practice it is rare that the process stops at this point because we wouldn't be this far along in our talks if we both weren't interested. And, in the couple rare cases where work has stopped, the client felt it was well worth this payment to study his ideas in depth and to see that they didn't work out.

Second ____________: Due when client is satisfied with preliminary lines. Final hull lines and Off-sets will then be completed.

Third ____________: Almost Final Interior arraignment completed which will determine specific layouts of bulkheads, companionway location, and other items necessary to know before the construction plan can be designed. While specific features of the sailplan (if applicable) can still be changed, final mast locations should now be decided on. In other words, are you SURE you like the preliminay study!

Fourth ____________: Construction plan, and if required, fine tuning of the interior layout.

Fifth ____________: Tankage and tank plumbing layout, mechanical installations. Final exterior profile and deck layout and (if applicable) final sailplan with rigging and spar specifics.

This series of payments guarantees that the client will get exactly what he wants because additional payments are held until he is satisfied.

To keep the project moving, Client agrees to send payment for next step in the process within 30 days of approving the preceding step. Payment for each step implies the client is satisfied with the development of the design at that point and if he changes his mind later about something which would require much (in the designer's opinion!) redrawing or engineering to change, the client agrees to pay an additional amount which will be discussed at that time. Naturally it's in the designer's interest to provide a design that exactly suits the client and in practice will do his best to accomplish this. This statement is made only so that once a large part of the design is completed major changes that affect work already completed will not be casually considered.

The hull design will be done on computer using a program called AutoShip, and the rest of the plans will be drawn using AutoCad, release 14 or newer. The completed plans will be provided on paper and also on AutoCad disk (or e-mailed file) if the builder has the facilities to use it. All stability and structural analysis necessary to meet Coast Guard requirements for a specific intended use can be provided if needed. If these studies are required by the client he needs to state so at the time of the initial agreement as they could require additional payment to perform. NC cutting disks can be provided for an additional fee. While certainlly appealling, this expense often is not cost effective on many designs.

Unless otherwise discussed, the design is the property of the designer, with the Client having the right to build one (or as discussed beforehand) boat from the completed plans. The process is lengthy; it normally takes close to a year, depending on how busy I am.

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