This is an older design of mine that I always thought would be a fine budget cruiser for colder areas. There’s a few changes I’d make if I was building the boat for myself.

The engine location is poor. There’s no room around it, and only room for the little Yamar. I think I’d use a vee-drive transmission such as available with Volvo or YAMAR, (or a simple belt drive deal) because that will get the engine further back and out of the way and will allow a bigger engine to fit in.

I don’t like the quarter berths, but then I don’t have kids. These bunks are too tight to get into at all easily, have little room, and screw up the room in the wheelhouse. I’d like to take them out.

A Canadian built her and lengthened the wheelhouse 2′ fwd over the cabin top. That gave him a 2′ dashboard in front of the wheel which was a good idea, plus it looks better too. That’s a good change to make!
She needs a taller mast too, I think.

With these changes I think RUBY would make even a better little boat for messing around with. The wheelhouse robs some of the interior but makes her more fun in colder climates especially, and I think she’d be alot of fun for vacation use. She’s simple to build and not very expensive either. She’s also seaworthy enough to go cruising if you want to.

LOD: 32′
Beam: 9′
Draft: 5′
Displ. about 20,000 lbs.