HERA is identical to JUNO, but blown up 15%. I originally designed her for myself, because JUNO worked out so well that I thought a larger version would really be nice.

By adding the extra volume the interior really starts to get big enough where you can have some good living area. The version shown looks very comfortable to me. It has a real galley, lots of storage, a good sized head, a double and a single bunk, and a tight pilot berth. The short wheelhouse looks like it robs room inside, butI like it. I like the deck space. HERA can carry a real skiff, which few boats her size can do. It’s also structurally a good idea. But, go ahead and lengthen it if you want to.

I think the hull form is well suited for ocean work. She has a very easy shape which makes her a bit tender at first, but what  you get in return is a very smooth ride. JUNO, which I lived aboard4 years, is really comfortable in open water, because she roll so smooth. Plus, she handles well, heaves too easily, and sails herself in most directions when the wind is steady. Although the magazine ads don’t mention it, 99% of cruising is OFF the wind, and I think a good cruising boat should be designed for that.Super weatherly qualities rob from all other performance features.HERA has proved to work even better than JUNO because she has more weight; the builder of the boat shown here told me she is more than he even hoped for, which is certainly good to hear!

The sailplan looks a bit busy, and a simpler two headsail rig is available with the plans, as is the ketch version and pilothouse hull with hold which was designed to be a hand troller inAlaska. The hold might be nice for cruising actually although of course it robs from the interior.

No steel version was ever worked up for this boat but she certainly could be built of it. If you want to go steel I’ll send you the construction view of a similar sized boat. I’m sorry, but I can’t redraw this one. It’s “pre-CAD” and my hand doesn’t like to hold drafting tools any more….


LOD: ……… 39′ 11″ LWL: ……….34′ 4″ Beam: …………. 11′ 9″ Draft (loaded): …………..6′ Displac: …… 31,000 lbs.

The photos are all by Colin Rogers of his boat, in Australia.