This is a very simple and rugged steel sailboat. Like her 38′ cousin, she was planned out to be a safe cruising home for folks who want to cruise the higher latitudes. Personally, I’d want a Troller Yacht type for that stuff but there are many people who like the idea of a sailing boat, and are willing to put up with sitting in a cockpit! Just joking; I like sailboats too!

She has a very comfortable interior for a couple. There’s a real bathroom (seems to big to call a “head”), a real galley, a separate bedroom, and an “office nook”desk. She has a dinette that will seat 4 and converts to a double bed. Across from it is a large couch. It could be built so its backrest swings up to make “bunk” beds if you want.

The Lines Plan shows a simple hull, with moderate beam and dead rise. Her “raised sheer” house gives the maximum room inside and is also straight forward to build. I know she’d look more graceful if the stems were curved some but part of this boat’s concept was simplicity, and straight stems make her easier to plate.

LOD: ……….42.08 ft
LWL: ………40.09 ft
Beam: ……….13.15 ft
Beam at WL:12.73 ft
Draft: ……….. 6 ft
Volume …..711.47 ft3
Displ. …… 45534.01 lb.

Sail Area is 984 sq. ft.