The only difference between this new version and the original is the stern. I took a lot of the “curve”out of the stern stem which doesn’t look as good on paper but gives a bit longer waterline, allows the engine to be a little further aft, and makes hanging the rudder easier. Otherwise, this design is practically identical to the original. Oh, the plans are free in the new edition of my Building Book BUT, if you buy them, you get them on 24″ x 36″ sheets, you can have the CAD file, and any consultation help you might want.

I reused the original as the suggested interior because I like it. In retrospect, I think making the double bunk in the bow on the centerline would be an improvement. But feel free to build whatever interior you want! Everybody else does so why be different….!

LWl: … 37’9″ Beam: … 12′ 5″ Beam WL: … 11′ 11″Draft: … 5′ 8″ Displ. … 34.990 lbs. WorkingSail … 993 sq. ft.