This is one of my oldest, but still most favorite, design. It was designed for a guy with a sawmill in the Philippines, back in the late 1970s. As far as I know she was never built, which always seemed a shame to me.

The design was done in the most traditional of fashion; I carved her out of multiple layers of cedar, then took them apart and traced the layers onto paper. This was the old time way of design, and while nowadays I work with CAD, I’m grateful I’ve experienced the “old” ways. Back then this stuff was the ONLY way to do it. Sure, you could simply hand draft it but I always liked models on hulls like this because you could really see AND feel the curves. I can’t believe over the years and multiple moves I lost the model……

This is not a boat to casually consider building as she is a serious project. The pieces are big and heavy, at least built in the traditional planked wood fashion. She could be “cold molded” up, and she’s an ideal hull for ferro-cement, or “C-Flex” fiberglass would work although it wouldn’t be the same and I can’t provide construction drawings for that stuff. I have seen steel boats built with hulls like this but that is a MAJOR under taking and I can’t see any reason to doit. The slickest I saw was a guy who did a steel hull in lapstrake, just like if she was built in wood. But man, what a project…. Unless of course you’re a top metal worker! But as drawn she’s a planked wood boat and I think that’s the best!

Anyway, she’s a very heavy duty little ship and would be great fun to own……


LOD: 57′ Beam: 15′ 3″ Draft: 7′ 6″
Displacement: 83,000 pounds

The original sheets are discolored and didn’t reduce so hot. One day I’ll redraw her. Love this boat’s looks but I now think the masts need to be raked just a bit more aft.
BEAUTEFULLLL hull lines if I DO say so myself….
Pretty simple interior but it would work OK. This style of hull has a very narrow sole but the other side of that is that this is a very seamanlike interior. There’s no big open spaces that you can fall across.
This is shipbuilding, mon. Go back to the Home page and check out the construction photos of RAINBOW and you’ll get a good idea of what it’s like.