Building the 71 ELLEMAID page5

Looking aft from Bow


 Deck at stern

 Deck at Bow

Following are a bunch of interior shots….

The heavy black pipes you see below sticking up are an idea I got from Ed & Ruby Roote, who built the first 50′ OTTER. The idea is the pipe braces the deck, but also, the mast is stepped to the keel through the pipe. It makes a hell of a mast step!

I always design tanks that sit on each side of the keel, leaving a “canal” down the keel between them. This allows a place for pipes and wires, but it also lets you see what’s happening below the tanks. This is a carry over from my wood boat background I know, but I still think it’s a good idea.


I’m of course not impartial but I think this is one sleek boat!


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