382 Seahorse Duck Plans

Revised 12/5/07 The 382 Diesel Duck! This little ship is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. She’s sort of an Evolution version of the original 38, but a but more so in that she really is a new design, beamier and with considerable more refinements. I don’t sell the plans; she’s only available as a

492 Seahorse Diesel Duck

8/13/2014 The 462 has been very successful but as usual, there were people who wanted the same idea but just a little more  space. We call this new version the “492” although frankly, now that I think about it I don’t know why because she is about 53′ overall. But that’s alright. I did the

462 Seahorse Sedan

The DUCKS are a pretty specialized idea. Oh they work fine for day and vacation use of course. In fact some people love simply owning a ship like this even if they know damned well they’ll never do serious passage making. But there were people who liked the concept of the easily driven and seaworthy

452 Diesel Duck

Sometimes it seems odd to me that so many “variations on the theme” appear. After all, why do this DUCK when there’s so many others? Well, they all have little features that are different. I don’t really know if any are better than the other but at the time, there was something that seemed to