Solid wood engine mounts bolted into floor timbers.

This is a MWM model 229, 72 HP. which is a true heavy duty industrial and workboat diesel. Fabio says these engines are: “the dream of the Brazilian fishermen!” It’s going to be a little difficult to erect the frames where the engine sits. Personally I would have put up the frames where the engine sits, then hoist the engine in front of them, and slide it down into position. The Building Book shows photos of that system, although granted using an engine that weights less than half of this one. Fabio is doing such a neat job of things that I suspect mounting the frames by the engine won’t be an issue….

Assembling the frames.
They sure have a lot of beautiful wood (and coffee…) in Brazil! Note how clear the frame material and plywood is. I read on the Yahoo “backyard boating” web site that many people, like Fabio here, cut the chine notches after the frames are erected. I find it easier to do it when assembling the frame but to each his own and both work!

Frames are all in place

View inside hull showing engine room access door framed in.


Hoisting up the transom.

Stem rabbet detail

Keel Rabbet and “cheek” detail

The basic framework is complete now.. This is very neat wood working! Note the deadwood at the prop aperture still needs to be “faired” in to make a good water flow to the prop.

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