The hull is being strip planked with 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ material. This is very strong but laborious. But, it can be glassed (the narrow strips don’t swell enough to break the resin) so is probably less trouble than composite planking using plywood. Maybe. I’ve never done it so can’t say!


Proud Poppa
Stern deck beams being fitted


Inside the stern cabin area

Cabin walls started. They’re using two layers of 5/8″ plywood.

Ms. Fabio and the DUCK’s newly completed stern deck

Pilothouse roof completed

Workers attaching bottom planks. These planks will swell so putting them on very tightly could cause lifting, even when coated with epoxy…

It would be interesting to hear the comments this “cross-planked” bottom must be getting in Brazil. I don’t think it is a common form of construction down there!

Completed hull planking bow view

Another view of completed hull planking

 The hull is completed. It’s not common seeing the windows and doors cut into the
pilot house after the walls are erected. I can’t see why not!


Solid rudder fitting off base of keel backed up by steel. Note the rudder is made up from laminated (Brazilian equivalent!) 2-bys.

Upper rudder fittings. Fabio used stainless which is fine but I’m a galvanized mild steel guy. IF you have access to a galvanizer of course. It’s a different world….

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