New pictures 3/28/2017

Base for chainplate. This is a good idea and obvious and I’m surprised I never thought of it. Instead, I’ve had the steel chainplate bent to go around the rail, or, made it up from 6 pieces of 1/16″ stainless. Actually, I never did that but saw it done and was impressed as it seemed the way to do it if you didn’t have access to bending equipment. But THIS idea seems the simplest yet!

Fabio decided to build all the tanks out of epoxied plywood. This is not that common but it apparently works quite well. I don’t know much about it so if you want to do this too I suggest you research it well. It’s been done for years so there must be good info on it out here.


Good looking low Bullwarks.

Epoxy coating the house which looks no fun at all.


Emergency tiller can easily be attached to rudder if steering system fails.

“Ladder Rungs” bolted to side of rudder makes it easy (and possible!) to board the boat from the water….


Fabio “driving” with a “virtual” helm….

Hello Mrs. Fabio!

Building the stern cabin furnishings. Shelves on each side, queen bed in the middle. Note engine exhaust hose running to a muffler at the transom.

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