Benno & Marlene’s 41 DUCK Interior; Stern Cabin & Wheelhouse

Benno and Marlene had the hull built, then took the bare boat and built the entire interior and mechanical systems themselves. They did a wonderful job as these photos show.If you are a little handy, building yourself is a very feasible option. You’ll save plenty of money too! Looking at the finished product makes the idea of building seem almost overwhelming but believe it or not, the hardest part is simply starting.

Steps from the pilot house down to the owner’s cabin. Placing the bed “athwartships” was brilliant! It makes the stern cabin far more livable. This is not at all normal but I’ve seen it once on a commercial troller, and again on a cruise ship!

Large desk & navigation station in owner’s cabin. Door to head is on the left of this photo.

Head entrance. That’s the shower reflected in the full sized mirror

Spacious bathroom has usable counter and real elbow room!

Shower stall

View fwd. from stern cabin

Wheelhouse door.

Placing the fwd. cabin access off center makes the pilothouse far more usable. I wish I had thought of these guy’s interior layout.

 Great visibility from the wheel house

A serious “Nav Package” as it’s called It’s a new world!

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