(New Photos 11/5/07)

Page Two: Building the first 41-Plus DUCK in Turkey

Already you can see the “cocky” air about her this ship has!
This bow on view shows how “fair” the hull is.
This stern has grown on me and now, aside from appreciating how practical it is, I even like the look of it!

The above two photos are good because they clearly show what I talk about in the Random Thoughts section of georgebuehler.com in the discussion of steel building. And THAT is, when the “floating longs” system is done, where the plate is bent on in long pieces and the longs released from the frame to meet it if needed, with welding done in spots to the longs and none or very little plate welded to the frame, the result is as smooth as plywood.And it won’t need any bondo filler! I argue this with steel builders all the time but the above shows the facts, mon. Note no “starved horse” look when the hull is done like this. Of course, it goes without saying that my eye for the smooth and fair flow of the sections has something to do with it. But I’m a modest sort of fellow and would never suggest that!

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