New photos 4/20/09

The 45-Plus Diesel Duck, Page 6



This boat has some engine room. These photos were taken soon after the launch. I’m assuming everything will be labeled soon because everything else about the boat is first class and seamanlike, and the engineroom should be the same. To many yachts have machinery areas with no labeling. It’s essential for anybody aboard to be able to come into the machinery area and see what valve does what, what direction things flow (arrows on pipes), and what switch does what. All US navy ships have this but oddly, few yachts do.

Ross’s 45-plus was built by Townsend Bay Marine, a high end yacht building and repair joint in Pt. Townsend, Washington. You can check them out at and if you’re ever in the area, stop in and see their projects. They build yachts up to 150 feet in all materials and regularly take on serious repairs and modifications.

Here’s the original drawing of the 45-plus. I love Ross’s boat but still like the basic simplicity of this version.


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