Photos added 7/5/2017

Another model, just a bit different than the others. The way it’s going it appears eventually there will be a new DUCK available in 1 foot increments. That seems silly but, there’s been a reason for each new one so I’ve quite wondering about it! Like all the DUCKS she has a backup sail. And like all but the smallest, she has a cockpit behind the pilot house, and an optional passageway beside the engine room.

Here she is with a traditional flybridge and forward sloped front wall of the pilothouse.


Vertical pilothouse front wall version, pipe railing on the roof instead of a flybridge. A remote auto pilot allows you to roam the whole deck and drive so the flybridge isn’t really needed. You can stand on the roof and drive into tight places, using the cable system of the auto-pilot. If you dare of course!

Two interior options.


Some people like having the galley in the main cabin. This lets the passageway be a utility area. This version also shows two heads and guest beds forward.


Here’s how I’d likely set her up. This interior would be a great live-aboard both for cruising or at the dock! Note there aren’t any permanent guest beds though.
A low 2 masted rig is another option. It hoists enough sail to move her in a breeze, and should be easily handled, This is a “pilot schooner” type rig.


Here’s the “pilot schooner” rig sails up. The ‘fore has a heavy roller furling system. The jib can be roller furled too of course.


The basic “Dhow” sailplan features a boomed “main” and a roller furling head sail.


Here’s the “basic” model with a junk ‘fore. The only issue I can see with this is the mast, coming into the boat just aft of the crash bulkhead at station 3.5’, is really in the way of a hatch for access to the chain locker.



LOA 49.75 ft
LWL 48.48 ft
Bmax 14.23 ft
BWL 13.80 ft
Draft max 5.50 ft
Volume 1127.76 ft3
Displ. 72176.63 lb.

Prismatic 0.657
Block 0.318
Midships 0.484

Waterplane 0.789 Trim 1 in. 8117.6
Heel 1 in. 1931.8
Trim 1 deg. 82730.6
Heel 1 deg. 5606.6

L/B Ratio 3.51
D/L ratio 283
Lbs./In. 2815

Waterplane 527.88 ft2
Wetted Surf 781.51 ft2

LCB 25.76 ft (50.7% aft)
LCF 26.91 ft (53.1% aft)
XWS 27.05 ft (53.4% aft) GM trans 4.45 ft
ZWS -2.31 ft GM long 65.67 ft


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