Page 10: Building a Wood 48′ Diesel Duck

The hull looks very fair in this shot. Note the chine; no wave at all to it!

The waterline looks good too. Those cheap laser levels have sure made finding a WL simple.

I’m pleased to see they’ve made the solid and simple rudder fittings I describe in the Building Book. Many folks think they need bearings and pads and stuff. Yes, their rudders turn a bit smoother but the very low RPM of these rudders and their weight make them almost as smooth with these fittings as with more elaborate systems. Plus they cost far less and have next to no maintenance.
Here’s the rudder. Note how heavy it is. And note the nice square trailing edge. This makes it work better than a streamlined one! Water leaves it with turbulence which makes an effect of having a bigger rudder. Some people even carve a hollow to the wide trailing edge to enhance that effect. Many people don’t believe this is better but of course they’ve never tried it……(!)
Deck hatches, view from deck and from below. This is a simple and rugged frame system.
The Forward cabin.

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