Page 12: Building a Wood 48′ DieselDuck

The shop roof is to low to add on the pilot house so, the walls were built half way up and the house will be finished when the boat is hauled out of the shop.
Good looking brass portlights in the fwd. raised deck. These things aren’t cheap but really look good. But, check in BBB where it describes “warm weather” systems I learned about in Brazil. They aren’t as great looking but they work, and will get you off and running if costs are a significant issue.

She’s getting some nice systems and what appear to be absolutely first class installations. On top is the helm. Hydraulic steering and hydraulic anchor gypsy (the best!) are going in. Vickie says this plywood case is temporary and will be replaced with “pretty wood” down the road.

Harry is doing his own electrical and hydraulic work. This middle shot shows the electric panels. The two installed ones are AC. The top opening is for the DC panel.

A “keel cooler” isn’t seen on yachts so much. Here’s an old fashioned “radiator” that will cool their engine. An engine set up with one of these and a dry stack has an exhaust and cooling system as reliable as your car’s. Before launch there will be tapered wooden blocks installed on each end of this radiator to streamline it and make it not catch on kelp etc.

The boat’s fuel filtering system is quite businesslike. Note the pressure gauge in front of the filters. This lets you monitor what condition the filter is in. There’s a fairly detailed description of this idea under Random Thoughts, at my main site:

This photo came 10-06. These folks are doing a real professional looking job installing the systems!

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