Page 13: Building a Wood 48′ DieselDuck

The main cabin interior is looking good. Note how all the wiring is in a wood “channel”, easily accessible. Installing wiring or plumbing behind immovable furniture is common. It can be a huge maintenance headache, requiring disassembly of the ship to fix a problem….
The galley is almost finished. I don’t see a hole for a seawater pump although perhaps they have a floor mounted pump? Actually, I suppose I’m showing my age. I guess much of the ocean really shouldn’t be used for dish washing these days? Cruising boats always used to have a fresh and a seawater galley pump. Seawater was used for dish washing and some cooking.

Now here’s some decent rudder fittings. It appears they did pretty much the fitting that I always spec; heavy with a “sloppy” fit so no bearings are needed that must be maintained.

Here’s the entire rudder assembly. It’s a good one! Did you know that the “sailboat” wind steering vane was invented by a French guy, for his powerboat? He made the first single handed Atlantic crossing in a power yacht, west to east. He invented the wind vane so he could sleep. This rudder here would be very easy to hook a vane too…..

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