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Lots of work has been happening. Harry & Vickie have lived aboard from last May to November, when the weather chased them out. They hope to relaunch next spring and head south where they can stay aboard full time. Michigan ain’t exactly year around boating country!

Very functional and simple, by today’s standards, helm. Note the two chairs. I haven’t seen that arrangement before!
The dinette table is in the wheelhouse. Note the table can be lowered down, turning the dinette into a guest double bed. Typical in RVs but not always seen in boats.
The galley takes up a large part of the fwd. cabin, with the rest devoted to comfortable seating. Note the kerosene lighting. I cruised a boat for 2 years that had only kerosene. It’s no good in hot climates but otherwise works well.
Fore & Aft facing stove allows the oven to be opened in a seaway without gimbals. Note engine room door with large viewing window in the door. She has a house sized sink. Could those be 110 volt outlets and pressure water faucets? I guess they did whip out after all….

Two more galley views. It appears Mr. John Daniels is a crew member?

Good sized head in the stern cabin.
Owner’s queen bed in the stern. Yup, them are electric lights by the bed. Actually, I’ve become soft too and also demand a reading lamp.

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