Page 3: Building a 48′ wood Diesel Duck

The raised aft deck beams are now in place….

Inside the aft cabin.
It really is simpler to install the tanks and engine BEFORE the frames are up……..
Inside looking aft. Very pretty fuel tanks. I don’t see the engine yet either….. By the way, I’m just joking. I’ve hired a boom truck to drop in an engine myself. Seems to me it was about $200 to have the guy show, pick up the engine, and drop it through a hole in the roof….

They’re doing a great job of it here, and these photos show us that wood is STILL a popular material for homebuilders. It’s advantages are it is easy to work, clean, fairly quiet, and pleasant to work, and, it’s readily available and can be bought in small quantities at any lumberyard. It’s feasible to build the boat from “pay check to pay check.” And, it really doesn’t require a great deal of carpenter skills to build this type of boat.

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