page 7: Building a 55 Duck

The pilot house is being raised now. By the way, notice how FAIR the heavy rub rail lays on…..

Back view of the pilot house

Sandblasting started tonight. We only sandblast at night because of the dust effecting the other workers. The blasters will work about 4 hours than the painters will getup and prime the blasted area in the middle of the night before any surface rust occurs. Primer is Jotun “Jotamastic 87 Aluminum”. Two coats followed later by three coats of Jotun “Safeguard”. All are two part epoxy based coatings.

Carl & Kim decided not to install steps in the transom. They do take a bit of room out of the stern cabin but not much, and personally, I’d have them if it was my boat. Here’s a detail shot of the stairs and transom step on a new 44 DUCK.

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