What’s New?

New designs completed are a wood version of the 49′ GULNAR’E. I raised the sheer some and added a small deckhouse aft. There’s also two schooner versions, and a center cockpit version. I have to post her drawings one of these days but in the meanwhile, if you can read .dwg files, I can email you info.

A wood version of the 47-Plus Diesel Duck was recently completed. She is being built of solid teak in Brazil.She could also of course build her from local woods here in theUS, and as usual, I based her construction plan on “normal”dimension US lumberyard stock. She can be planked or composite, like is shown at the building the 48 DUCK photo essay shown here.

For some reason a whole bunch of steel Diesel Duck hull designs were done last year. these are, 50-Plus, 532,542, 54-Plus, 553, 562, and a 573. They all have that “sugar scoop” stern which is why there is a “2” or the word “plus” in their name. Add about 2′ if you want a normal looking tranny. They were preliminaries for people who decided not to build them or hull designs for other people who finished the cabin and interior layouts themselves. I decided to offer the hulls and will work with you to customize them how you want. This will cost half as much as a new complete custom plan because the hull is done. But it still gives you the freedom to figure out your own house and interior. I can also offer themas just the hull lines and dimensions, and you can do all the rest yourself. This will cost 1/5 the price of a full custom.Part of this deal is using me as a sounding board for your ideas, but you do the work. I’ll get some of the drawings up one of these days…..

Little Bucko didn’t live long but sure went full steam in the time he had.