Page 14: Building a 48′ Wooden Duck (added 10-06)

The sound track from 2001 should have been playing during this, pulling her out from the barn!

The rudder is hung for what should be the final time. It looks like there are zincs on the wood which is interesting; I wonder why? Must be some sort of mid west kinda thing?

I mentioned before that the wind steering vane idea was invented by a French guy who single handed a powerboat back to Europe in the 1930’s. He’d come over in a sailboat but decided to go home in comfort. This was pre-autopilot days so he dreamed up the wind vane idea! This big outboard barn door rudder can easily take a wind vane too! A new wood DUCK alone will cause raised eyebrows at the yacht club. A powerboat with a wind vane on her rudder would really get ’em scratching their tushes!

Thar She Blows!”

She’s waiting for the truck to take her to the launch site where the wheelhouse will be added.

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