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Troller yachts This section of this site is devoted to my book, back in print 2011, The Troller Yacht Book, 2nd edition. Aside from trying to sell my book, the site is a collection of general troller and old time NW kinda stuff. I’ve tried to put all cruising and boating blogs related to these boats there too. Some are listed on this page, but all are there. I think…. Here’s my home page where you can see all of my power as well as my sail designs, plus read all sorts of stuff about what I think about that in my Random Thoughts section!

Links to sites by people building and cruising Diesel Ducks!

44 Steel Duck LADYDEW (2/18) A well done blog by Don Patterson documenting his building of a traditional steel 44. It’s written for Facebook but if you click “I don’t want to join” or something like that, you can still access it!

Sea Dreamer project: (finally posted 10/17) A very well written blog with many photos by a guy, a first time builder, who is building a wood 41 Duck!

Moby Duck Blog: Jeff Appel’s highly informative blog about his experiences building and now using his “green” 462 Diesel Duck.This his his 9th large boat and it is rigged in all sorts of interesting ways. Jeff and the boat at this writing are in California, after cruising across the Pacific from China.

Pile of Wood: (10/14) Greg Roscoe is doing a fine job of both building and writing a blog about a 48Wooden DUCK in Maine. LAUNCHED 9/2017!!

MV Shearwater: (7/14) This documents the trip David Cohn and friends made from China to Seattle in David’s new 462. Very well written! David, like many DUCK owners, certainly prepared himself for the trip. Perhaps that’s why they had no trouble to speak of!

Building a 55 Swan:The SWAN series are based on Diesel Ducks, but less beam in proportion to the length. (not a very imaginative nameI know…). They’re actually closer to the Old Time troller idea than the DUCKS, but of course have less room for their length.It’s all a trade off. Here’s Peter & Susan’s blog showing the whole process up to the launch.

Where is LeeZe: (8/13)Follow Lee & Zehra as the cruise the Turkish & Greek coasts in their 47-Plus (50) sedan.

Chris & Sandra Tretick (5/13)purchased the Seahorse 462 #7. At this writing they are with the boat in the Philippines, and have written this blog to share their adventures.

The SEADUCTRESS blog: (5/13)Peter & Glenda own and cruise SEADUCTRESS, the first Diesel Duck to really get out and cruise the world. This is a blog they’ve started about a trip to Alaska.

Cruising with Benno & Marlene aboard their 41′ DIESEL DUCK: (8/10) These folks built an aluminum 41 DUCK in Canada and headed south. So far they’ve explored the Caribbean and circumnavigatedSouth America. Aside from being entertaining, their writings are full of good tips.

Dave & Dorothy Nagle cruised their 462 DUCK from China across the North pacific to Alaska, then down to Seattle. At this writing they are running back and forth between California and Alaska.

Voyage of the 462 DUCK Doramac: Ruth Johnson’s blog about cruising from China in a Seahorse 462 DUCK.At this writing they are 4 years into the trip and are somewhere in southern Europe.

MV Alpenglow: is Marcia and Kurt’s journey’s while moving to full-time living aboard their 50′ sedan version of a 462 Diesel Duck.This boat pushes the limits a bit of being a “troller”but the hull is so they’re welcome into our little club!

Voyage of the Peking (Duck): Jerie & John are cruising a 462 Seahorse DUCK. Some strange photos of them apparently enjoying a mud bath, in Catagena, Columbia. Apparently that town has changed since Tristan Jones wrote about it….

Voyage of the Vicki Lynn: Track the trip of the 48 DUCK (see building series off the homepage of this site) as Vicki & Harry finally are able to head south.

John & Eva Bird’s cruise in their 44 DUCK “Traditional is a very well done web site that should interest everybody. They bought the boat in Europe and headed out.

Kathleen & John Douglas took delivery of a Seahorse 462 Sedan. This is the blog of their trip from theshipyard in Zuhai, to their home in Hawaii.

Gary& Vicki Luccio purchased the41-Plus PEPI and had her shipped to Ensenada, Mexico. This is a blog about their cruising her home to the Seattle area.

General Interest Links Started in fall of 2005, it is devoted just to chat about the DUCKS. Anybody can join and participate!

SeahorseYachts:The web site of Sea Horse Marine, the yard that is the exclusive builder of the 382 and the 462DUCKS. is the site for a very versatile shipyard in Izmir, Turkey. Jurgen’s 44 DUCK (see the cruising blog the new owners put up, linked off there for a haul out on its trip back from China and the manager of the yard really liked her. One thing led to the next and now they show a DUCK on their web site and are actively looking to build more. Or any other custom design of mine for that matter.

George’s Random Thoughts: My”main” web site covers all my designs, sail as well as power. This link takes you to one part of the main site calledRandom Thoughts that discusses all sorts of things in some detail. Although from my perspective. So if you just like DUCKS and don’t want to visit my main site, you still might find this part of it interesting! This is a really good site because it is made of of folks actually BUILDING boats of wood and steel who share their information. I’m very flattered that the emphasis is on my designs. I have nothing to do with the site other than I enjoy following it myself. Sometimes I need to bite my tongue, but I notice that eventually issues get a logical answer and it seems best I keep my two cents outta it.

DistantShores is a web site by a Canadian couple who travel around the world visiting and cruising on yachts and making video DVDs about it. But that’s just part of it. They maintain a blog, put on seminars, and much more stuff of interest  to boat people. They have a DVD available August 2008 which has great shots of Benno & Marlene’s 41 Diesel Duck, down in the”Crib.”

The 462 Diesel Duck Video: Passagemaker Magazine’s Trawlerfes Video of the 2007 “People’s Choice” award!

Trawlers And Trawlering: An incredible free place which is becoming “the” internet info source about cruising under power. I’d rather it was called TROLLERS and Trawlers but that’s OK! My friend Georgs has done an incredible job creating this thing.

Don Kotts Marine Artist: I’ve been ragging my friend Don for years to get a web site up to show and market his art. Don spends to much of each year in the fishing bidness, but finally has decided to take more time for his paintings. He does custom work as well as commissions. He even does cartoons and Xmas cards! Don illustrated my Navigation book, in case you seen it. If not, you can buy it here of course! His site will give you a good idea of his versatility. Here’s a couple of his things I especially like.

Building a Wood 38 Duck: Bill Zeuli hired Wayne Shibley WoodenBoat Works to build his 38, stretched to 40. Bill is working with him on it. This new web site is documenting step by step the whole process. It’s good to see a pro built WOODEN Duck going together!The yard is in Chicago.

Wendall’s 38′ DUCK (Link updated 7/20/2011)is about the building of a 38 DUCK.Wendell had Custom Steel Boats, in North Carolina, build the hull.He trucked it to the Boston area and has been working on it since.This site is funny because when I first met him, he still used a rotary dial telephone and had NO interest in computers. Now, just a few years later, he not only has a computer, but made this very elaborate site!