71′ ELLEMAID, in Turkey. Completed Photos added 8/26/09

To my pleasure and I admit, surprise, our Diesel Duck family seems to have captured a lot of folk’s heart and today there is quite a following. Several are voyaging all over the world, and many are being built. These new Ducks are being built in all fashions; wood, aluminum, and steel, really highly finished yachts and funky homebuilts. I love it. I’m also very flattered that it is happening. Anyway, I decided to devote a whole section just to my DUCK designs. Please check over there too! The Duck section has become quite large with lots of info including several series showing DUCKS being built. However, the rest of my power designs are here along with my sailboat designs.

16′ (Happy Camper of) Pogo Pogo: Created and named after a speech by vice president Dan Quayle… 4/3/07 new photos and letter from a builder. She floated right side up! Check out this 2015 video showing building and sailing a POGO, by Llew Hebbard, in Canada. http://youtu.be/PR3Uhd8tGRE $295
18′ Schooner Mary Read: New Schooner & Cutter rigs 12/12/17 $395
19′ 9″ Stuart Little: A safe small ship for kids. $495
25′ River Walker: Float the Lazy River in comfort! $495
25′ 6″ Little Big Man: A trailerable small cruising sailboat designed to be towed to an area behind a big pickup, then cruised. $595
28′ Hagar: This is a very old design. Her plans are free in my Building Book but if you buy them from me, part of the deal, aside from the 24″ x 36″ (or about) sheets the plans are printed on, is any consultation help you might want. the EMILY design is newer and I think an improvement, however Hagars have been built and sailed all over and do work! There’s all sorts of drawings in Buehler’s Backyard Boatbuilding if you want to see more detail. $495
28′ Njord: A rugged small cruising boat, heavier and roomier than EMILY but 2 feet shorter. I admit to getting soft as I get older…. (!) $595
28′ Uncle Sam: A little schooner. $595
28′ 6″ Captain Eddy: A general messing around boat inspired by the comic strip Non Sequitur! $595
30′ EMILY: The smallest of my VAGABOND designs and a fine cruiser for a couple with “short pockets” or old guys who want to go minimalist! $795
30′ Grizzly Bear: Very Heavy Duty cruising cutter. She has almost 80% more displacement than EMILY. $795
30′ JACK: Sort of a transom version of GRIZZLEY BEAR, which gives you more room for the length. $895
30′ JULLIAN ADDERLY: The 30′ power Cruiser who’s plans you’ll find in the first edition of my Building Book. $595
32′ Ruby B: One of my older designs, this little ship is a very simple pilothouse cutter. $595
33′ Mynonie: “Junk schooner” rigged, Maine Peapodish on steroids, shallow, and able to stand on her feet if grounded. $895
33′ Rufus: A plywood sailing barge for big rivers and bays. $495
35′ Button: Flush decked plywood or steel gaff cutter with pilothouse option. $895
35′ 6″ JUNO: The original of my VAGABOND boats. The newer ones may be “improved” but old JUNO is still a fine ship. $595
36′ Block Island Cowhorn: These fine cruising boats originated in the 1600s as an American sailing fishboat! $895
37′ JENNY: A transom version of JUNA, with a longer house and a different interior. She’s a fine weekend and vacation cabin as well as ocean capable! $995
37′ Juna Juno’s daughter: A trim double-ender for single handing or a couple to voyage in. July, 2014 A kind review lifted from a boat chat site… May 2017 photos of a gaff schooner and stern cabin version built in Russia. $995
38′ High Latitudes Drifter: Essentially a “finger In The Wind” to most ideas of modern sailing yacht design….. $895
39′ Cutter Hera: Juno blown up 15% all over gives added room. An older design but I still like her. $795
39′ NW Cruiser: A simple boat for the NW or other semi-protected cruising areas where the weather can be unpleasant. $995
42′ High Latitudes Drifter: The 38 was almost too “gung ho” so I fine tuned her some. I like this version better! $995
42′ OLGA: A heavy duty chine version of a Old Timey Scandihovian workboat. Plans are free in the first edition of my Building Book but if you buy them, you get the large sheets and consultation help. 2015 PHOTO of an OLGA being built in Sweden! AsI wrote in the first edition of the Building Book, I’d love to hear what The Old Farts up the fjord are saying about Fredrik’s boat as it grows! $595
43′ Archimedes: A schooner who’s plans are free in the first edition of my Building Book but large versions (with consultation) for sale. $995
43′ Dissolute: A junk rigged cutter with an unusual hull shape. 7/8/08 Marconi sailplan and Junk sailing tips letter added. $895
43′ Gandalf: This is a very early design of mine. Double ended and beamy, she proved to be a fine ocean cruiser. $795
43′ Ruarri: 4/23/15 Construction photos added. Sort of like JUNA on steroids, she’s a fine heavy double ender. $995
43′ Ruarri NEW VERSION: The original (above) was always one of my favorites; the last in my “Vagabond Series” mentioned somewhere (I forget where…) on the site. When the new edition of the Building Book was being planned out I decided to include RUARRI’s plan but modified the stern a little to make her simpler to build. She still looks great. The plans are free in the Building Book but if you buy them you get the 24″ x 36″ sheets, the CAD file, and any consultation help you might want! $695
44′ Resolute: A schooner suited to be a buccaneer with. $995
44′ Old Dad’s: We don’t dare say a “piknik” boat today because a plastic boat company got a trademark on a similar name and actually threatens lawsuits on dumb innocents who use the word. I don’t think they invented it but these days that don’t matter at all. SO, I shall call this a “day/weekend/vacation boat.” Feel free to use the term too….. She’s a simple 44′ plywood cruiser with a big fishing cockpit and a fine interior. $995
44′ Pilgrim: 8/25/15 Photo of almost complete hull & house. A simple plywood dory for the budget minded power cruiser. NEW Oct. 2001 outboard powered version. $995
45′ Little Ullin: A reduced version of ULLIN designed for comfortable coastal cruising. $995
47′ 7″ Gulnar’e: A steel staysail schooner set up for day charter use. $895
48′ Alcina: A rugged wood boat I originally designed for myself. $1,995
49′ Tasman Sea: Simple and rugged with an interior really set up for comfortable living aboard. She even has a small hot tub on the aft deck. $1,495
50′ Dragonfly: An unusual design. Plans are also in my Backyard Building Book. $895
50′ (New) GULNAR’E: A wood (steel plans in the works) big schooner, what a Diesel Duck might look like if seriously rigged for sail. $995
50′ OTTER: The Largest of my VAGABOND designs. Interior drawing posted 11/2014. $995
53′ 4″ Barbarossa: Double ended schooner, low and sleek, with lots of ropes to play with. $995
54′ Seal: Round or chine hull, cutter or ketch rig. She’s a big double ender designed for a family with a child to live aboard. $1,595
55′ Diesel Swan: Based on the Evolution 48 DUCK, just a bit narrower than the 55′ DUCK.
photo: The SWAN 55 framed up. Follow her construction at Peter’s Blog.
55′ Idelwild: A long and narrow cruiser. The first actually made the NW Passage in 2004-2005 and then continued on a around the world voyage. Check out the web site on my “links” page! $2,995
55′ BIG DADDY ULLIN: ULLIN “beefed up a bit with slightly more beam and freeboard. $2,295
57′ Egis: A heavy duty double ender for high latitude cruising, with plenty of interior living space. New 3/20/08 A new version with fwd. deckhouse and wood construction! $4,995
57′ GETZ: A heavy duty round bilge double ended WOOD schooner (added 1/26/06). $1,595
59′ Diesel Swan: Lots of glass, “portagee bridge,” lots of room. There’s two versions being worked up. Write
59′ Steve’s Boat: A heavy duty steel powerboat, designed for a guy doing serious ocean sports fishing. $3,995
60′ Big Mel: A ship for charter or living aboard. The photo above is a charter sailing ship and B&B near Amsterdam. Staying aboard would make a fine vacation and contact info is given here in her description. Another Big Mel is now a sailing charter ship in Italy! Checkout the Links page at the end of this site for more info on that! $1,595
63′ ALCA i: A 3 masted round bilge wood schooner with research lab. Chine version under development. $4,795
64′ Coelocanth: Comfortable live-aboard schooner, beamy and stable. $995
71′ ELLEMAID: The original ELLEMAID (the Swedish name for the “Wild Women”) is probably my favorite of my designs. While I’m not impartial of course, I think she’s perfect! Her hull lines were reduced to create EGIS and stretched to make the 81′ sister. But this version has a balance that really hits me. Plans now available for wood as well as steel. Watch a steel version construction progress “start to finish”, at Asboat in Izmir, Turkey! $3,995
71′ WUNDERBURG: Warm weather and Islands was the thought behind this idea! See the wood deck on steel hull version in Random Thoughts. New profiles 8/7/06 $2,995
81′ ELLEMAID: (New version 12/10) Just 16′ beam and low profile, requiring very low power, yet long enough to make a hell of a live aboard. $6,995
82′ Oceans: A Schooner Yacht. Photos of an outrageous model made by Tim Reynolds, Fair Oaks, CA.

All The DIESEL DUCKS! 2/18/09 the new 50′ Sedan DUCK added

Part of the Diesel Duck Family is shown above. They just keep growing! Here they are centered around their roots; an “Old Timey” Pacific Northwest Salmon Troller built onto the 48′ Diesel Duck hull. The DUCK line are TROLLER yachts, NOT Trawlers! For more about that, read my book The Troller Yacht Book, 2nd Edition, available HERE! 

Harry & Vickie’s 48 DIESEL DUCK they built themselves. See the whole construction on the DUCK site. Here’s a rather flattering, if I do say so, note I got from them!

We want you to know how much we love the Vicki Lynn. We lived on her from April to November the last two seasons and we hate every minute of winter that keeps her on the hard. We enjoyed Lake Michigan last summer and planned on heading south in the fall, but once again a health problem got in the way. Vicki needed to have a complete knee replacement, which doesn’t mix well with boat travel. However, surgery was Dec.1st and recovery is well under way. We hope to leave Michigan this spring.

Everywhere we go, people love the Diesel Duck. We have met all kinds of folks who just come up and ask to see her. She is the boat of our dreams and we are always thankful for your wonderful design and the Backyard Boat Building book that got us started.

Plans Prices and Order Form

A “Stock Plan” is a set of building plans that is already drawn so is the least expensive way to get a set of plans. I offer quite a variety, so hopefully you’ll find one of them is exactly what you want. Most people end up making some changes; for instance, the interior is almost ALWAYS changed to suit people’s particular needs. That’s fine; no reason not to. In practice, you and the builder can usually work out most changes you want.

Note! October 2014 the New Edition of my Backyard Boatbuilding Book hit the streets. It includes building plans for Mary Read, Jenny, Njord, Ruarri, Gulnar’e, Captain Eddie, Diesel Duck 38, Diesel Duck 48, and Little Ullin. However, while the book does show complete plans for these boats, the advantages in buying the plans from me are: 1) you get large scale plans drawn on 24″ x 36″paper to scale, 2) you get the most current complete plans. Some of these boats have other detail sheets not shown in the Book. I’ll also give you addresses for supplies. The plans in the book are certainly buildable; guys have done so from the first edition’s plans and the same will be true with this new edition.

George Buehler Yacht Design P.O. Box 966, Freeland, WA 98249

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Titles in RED are printed in the 2014 edition of Buehler’s Backyard Boatbuilding

ALCA I 63′ $4,795
ALCINA 48′ $1,995
BUTTON 35′ $895
DIESEL SWAN 55′ $1,995
DISSOLUTE 43′ $895
DRAGONFLY 50′ $895
ELLEMAID 71′ $3,995
ELLEMAID 81′ $6,995
EGIS 57′ $4,995
EMILY 30′ $795
GANDALF 43′ $795
GETZ 57′ $1,595
GULNA’RE (new) 50′ $995
GULNAR’E (Old) 47′ $895
HAGAR 28′ includes all versions $495
HERA 39′ $795
IDLEWILD 55′ $2,995
JACK 30′ $895
JENNY 37′ $995
JUNO 35′ (all versions) $595
MARY READ 18′ $395
MELQUIADES 60′ $1,595
MYNONIE 33′ $895
NW CRUISER 39′ $995
NJORD 28′ $595
OCEANS 82′ Write
OLD DAD’S 44′ $995
OLGA 42′ $595
OTTER 50′ & ORPHEUS Package $995
PILGRIM 44′ $995
RESOLUTE 44′ $995
RUARRI 43′ $995
RUARRI 43′ (New Version) $695
RUBY B 32′ $595
RUFUS 33′ $495
SEAL 54′ $1,595
STEVE’S BOAT 59′ $3,995
STUART LITTLE 19′ 9″ $495
TASMAN SEA 49′ $1,495
UNCLE SAM 28′ $595
BIG DADDY ULLIN 55′ $2,295
WUNDERBURG 71′ $2,995
Please note: Stock Plans are not refundable without prior agreement.
All Building Plans come with a copy of BUEHLER’S BACKYARD BOATBUILDING.


“When in Danger or in Doubt, hoist your
sails (or start your diesel!) and bugger off out!”
– Tristan Jones (and me)