CARITAS was a grand motoryacht from New York that ended up on the west coast. During WW11 she was seized by the government and used for coast patrol. After the war she kicked about, and in the late 1950s, a guy bought her and dragged her ashore to make a gift shop. I’ve stopped and looked at her many many times. If she’s open when I pass I go in. This boat was one of the first I knew that interested me in the long and narrow idea of a seaboat. She’s off hwy 101 just south of the Oregon-Calif. border.

Jim Rogers sent me this photo showing CARITAS before WW2. She was built by Krupp in Germany, in 1925, designed by the US firm of Cox & Stevens.

July 2006 Jim Metternich sent me the letter below about this ship:

I was present when the ship was towed into the mouth of the Smith River by Joe Sierka just after the war ended (WWII). It was a floating restaurant gift shop for years before it was raised to the hard. I actually worked there as the”dock boy” etc. It brings back some wonderful memories.

I just finished reading “Troller Yacht” and really enjoyed it. I’m getting a little old, but have always dreamed of building such a boat. I’ve owned many boats but few that I really liked.I love to browse the fishing ports on the Oregon coast for old boats.

This is a model of a WW1 coastal patrol boat. Like the yacht above, she’s long and narrow, making her fuel efficient and seaworthy. This model is in the small museum inside the ship above!