I’m pleased to be working with Dennis Lam, of Lam Sails. Founded in Hong Kong in the early 1960’s, Lam Sails have become one of the largest lofts in the world with over 1500 employees at this writing. They make cruising and racing sails for all sizes of boats from huge yachts down to wind surfers. They even make parachutes. I’ve used their sails on several of my own boats and have known many many boats that use them. They are excellent quality, custom designed to your specific use based on what you say you want. They have a full year no hassle warantee, use high quality fittings, and even come with serial numbers for your insurance company and over sized sail bags.

You can learn more about Lam sails by going to their web site; http://lamsails.com (or go to my LINKS page and click it there) and then following the prompts. You can order your sails direct from them that way. Or, you can order them through me for the same price.

Why order them from me? Because I’ll be the middle guy. We can discuss what you want. The sails will be shipped to me and I’ll make sure everything is there and then send them on to you. In the unlikely event you have a warrantee issue I’ll deal with it.Of course Dennis can do all this too! But he’s based in Canada and I’m here in the good ol’ US of A. Of course I’ll make a buck or two out of it but the point is the sails cost you no ore going through me and my suggestions and/or possible help makes that a good deal. In my opinion anyway!

Sorry about the resolution of this. Anyway, these are Lam sails on my Cutter JUNO! I had the main made likeI always do, with a straight leach and no battens. That way I can reef off the wind without tangling anything up in the spreaders.

Here’s a bit better res picture showing Lam sails on a JUNA cutter.