JULLIAN was, I believe, my first power cruiser design and was the basis for the first DUCK, the 38. The DUCKs are a bit more”sophisticated” in that they have more displacement for their length. But they needed that, and JULLIAN doesn’t. She’s meant for a different use; messing around! She was designed for my building book, Buehler’s Backyard Boatbuilding, and the complete plans are in there for free. The “catch” is that if you build from the book, the drawings are tiny and hard to read, and, I don’t give any consultation (hey this may APPEAR and even ACT like a non-profit bidness but I assure you that wasn’t the plan). If you buy the plans they come on 24″x 36″ sheets of paper, and you can call or write anytime with any questions. The drawings are old and my drafting wasn’t the best, but they’re good enough! I’ve never seen a completed JULLIAN in person but as the photos show, she worked out pretty good.

The plans show 30 HP but she’d take more of course and might even semi-plane if you pour the fuel through her. I think I’d settle for 30 to 50 HP and just chug along at 6 knots.

Simple interior for day or vacation use.

The plans show a planked hull but there’s no reason she can’t be plywood. I’d use 3 layers of 3/8″as 1/2″ would be hard to bend. Planked is better though!