Dan in Port Angeles, Washington, built this fine HAGAR, launching her in 2011 I think it was.

HAGAR is one of my oldest designs. She was meant to be an update of my first design, a 26 footer I launched in 1970 and cruised to Mexico andHawaii in. One thing led to the next and I’m still in the boat design bidness. Odd how that goes.

HAGAR has worked out fine and a number of them have been built. However some years ago I updated her again and frankly, if you want a boat in this size range I’d look at EMILY first. She’s about the same project but has a stiffer midsection and a bit more room. Plans for this boat are free in Buehler’s Backyard Boatbuilding and people have built from them. However, if you buy the plans, you get the large scale paper ones and any free consultation you might want from me!

The photos were sent to me over the years and sadly, I seem to have lost the record of who sent them. I’m sorry for that because believe me, it is very flattering to have people send them to me.

Claren & Treanna Adams and CLOUDSAIL


Here’s a “Collage” of photos and I simply don’t remember who sent them. I think the top two are from a couple who built her near Seattle, and sailed her south. I got a letter describing them crossing the Columbia river bar in a gale? I remember thinking they were crazy but on the other hand, the world needs more folks like that…