Building the 41-Plus Diesel Duck, Page 3

Hull closed in and windows cut out. I’m starting to like the forward leaning pilot house windows. The idea is to reduce glare I think, I don’t know. I always thought the idea was silly but like the transom, it’s been growing on me and now I like it. Sometimes I feel like old Tevia, in Fiddler On The Roof trying to understand, and accept, that it is indeed a new world…
Again, this shows the very fair hull. It hasn’t been touched with the grinder yet so you can see the signs of the “skip” welding done on the longs. This is what I was talking about on the previous page.
This closeup of the wheel house is interesting. Note the heavy “I” beams standing vertical. Kaya did this on the hull setup too, you’ll see on the first page of photos. This makes it pretty likely that what you’re assembling is held square while you work on it. I’ve never seen this done in boatbuilding before. It makes sense.

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