Page 5, Building the 41-Plus DUCK

The exterior metal work is about finished and she’s primed.

I make NO claims to being a metal worker, however, that don’t stop me from opinions, and, it seems to me with the “floating longs” and long plate way of building described in Random Thoughts, little if any fill stuff is needed. The hull comes out “fair” and when painted with a flat or semi-gloss paint, looks great. The benefit is if you bang a dock hard you don’t chip a 1/4″ of bondo, and painting a “ding” is less hassle than a wood hull because there won’t be anything beyond the paint surface. Compare that to fixing a “ding” in some Awlgriped or the like finish….. So I ragged Kaya about the filler used here although this being the first 41-Plus I know the yard wants it to look perfect. My early years doing building, repair and also MAINTAINING my own cruising boats gave me a perspective that is definitely “low tech.” But it sure saves labor…

Meanwhile, 3/1/08, the 41-Plus #2 is being framed up. She’s being built for an American who will cruise the Turkish & Greek Islands for a while, then bring her to the US. I hope he keeps it on the west coast. I don’t do East of the Cascade mountains unless it’s over a pole to Europe….

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