Welcome! Bodie LIKES this boat!

Richard M. Viggiano of PRO-TECH MARINE provided much of the electronics on Ross & Gail’s ship. Rick did a demo for me, and showed me an aerial view of Whidbey Island, then zeroed in on my shop. I told him I was gonna paint a big vertical finger on my roof! 


Still unrigged but running just fine. She took a two week shake down and then went back to the yard for finishing up.

Sometimes it seems odd to me that so many “variations on the theme” appear. After all, why do this DUCK when there’s so many others? Well, they all have little features that are different. I don’t really know if any are better than the other but at the time, there was something that seemed to make the new one “special.”

This version takes themes that worked so well on the 44, other things from the 462 (such as the step transom that looks goofy but is very very practical; hell, I’ve even decided I LIKE the look) that make her special, and blend them. The 462 is only available as a finished boat from Seahorse. And Bill only builds her one way; flat out outrageous yacht with about all the bells and whistles. It’s a wonderful boat and a great deal but it still isn’t affordable by many of us.

But this one is available as plans so can be built anywhere, and in any fashion you like. Me, I can see her in a simple and rugged “fishboat” manner and she’d be just great that way. But she’d also be just great with all the stuff on her too; it’s your choice.

The first of these was built in Pt. Townsend, near me. The yard there says they can do all the steel work (nothing else) for a good price. If you wanted to finish her yourself you could get into her at a reasonable price by today’s standards, knowing you were starting with an absolutely first class steel hull (see photos on the next page). This yard can also turn out a top turnkey boat too by the way, which is how they’re doing the first one.

Here’s the basic 45-plus. She has that step transom idea of the 462 as well as the cockpit of both the 462 and the 44. While I personally rather like the vertical front wall of the house, many people seem to like the leaning fwd. style, so that’s offered too…..


Here she is with a real “in yo’ face” fly-bridge. This is how I’d build her!

Along with the above versions there is of course the “Bubak Junk Rig Version.” Also, she can be built with a full bulkhead each side of the engine room, and not having the passageway between the cabins. I’m afraid that passageway thing has grown on me and I’d likely do it unless for some reason I needed an engine room full width of the boat.

Here’s one interior idea. The guy I drew her for wanted multiple bathrooms hence this version, showing two heads. Personally I’d build her with just one, either with this interior without the stern head (replacing it with a good desk), or, a large head across from the galley, and then guest bunks in the bow.


Here she is with forward sloped pilot house windows option

And HERE she is with a fly bridge and fwd. sloped windows. I like this!


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