By the end of July, 06, the ship is well along. This extended hardtop going over the cockpit is a good touch although you need to duck down to enter from the deck. That’s no hardship and until the 1960’s, was common. Designers used to think the good looks of the ship was important. That seems to have been lost in many cases today.


The “plus” transom has large windows over the headboard of the owner’s bed.


Hydraulic steering ram deck mounted for easy access.


Hydraulic lines are steel, and join rubber hose as they approach the steering unit. This is about fool proof. Look at the abuse the hoses on a typical backhoe get without problems. Steering a boat is chump change compared to that!


She has a variable pitch prop and it appears one of them new “articulated” rudder things. These were the owner’s ideas, not mine.


Good sized fwd. windows!


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