New photos 4/19/09

The 45-Plus Diesel Duck, built by Townsend Bay Marine, launched 2007.
The helm has all the instruments you could imagine.



Commercial style hydraulic self storing anchor windlass. Note the “level winder Tony.” A “Tony” is a Ballard term used when you don’t know what something is called. What you do is describe what it does, then add the word Tony. For instance, a hand saw would be a “cut the wood TONY.” A shovel would be a “dig a hole TONY.” As various brain cells shut down I find I use the term alot…..

The “plus” feature of many of the newer DUCKS sure makes boarding simple, and creates a”swim step” that’s very hard to damage. You can back into things without much fear!


There’s a bench at the stern and the cockpit is covered by a permanent hard top and has full canvas side curtains.


The galley is in the main cabin and the washer/dryer, trash compactor, microwave, and much storage, is in the passageway between the fwd. and aft cabins.


Bodie checks out the entrance to the main cabin then heads down towards the bow.


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