New photos added 12/5/07

X-raying the welds

Note the first class keel cooling system. This is trouble free. And if it somehow springs a leak no problem. Simply pull the engine thermostat. If an engine doesn’t get above 140 degrees, the saltwater won’t crystallize. That’s why you see so many old raw water cooled car engines in boats. The typical yacht freshwater system is a potential major hassle.

Here’s a 462 with a tall mast. When I heard about it I thought it was silly but it turns out she actually is a good sailboat! Still, to me, the only purpose of the tall rig is for pointing and if I wanted to point and/or tack, I’d get a boat more slanted towards sailing. But to each his own of course and I have to admit, she works fine as a sailboat!

Here’s Randall’s boat, anchored in the Philippines

Some people wanted more house and glass so Seahorse came up with a 462 Sedan version.