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Page 7, Building the 41-Plus DUCK

The construction of the first 41-Plus is well along now and she’s showing some nice touches. Look at the teak house roof photos. It’s laid onto the steel deck of course, with neat “nibbed” ends. Teak is the traditional ship deck material because it is very directional stable, rot resistant, and loaded with oils so doesn’t need to be “finished.” Of course the average yacht owner keeps it oiled but you don’t need to bother. Of course in the “Old Days” the decks were scrubbed down by the crews whenever they weren’t working elsewhere. Oil is probably easier!

View out the center window of the pilot house.
The cockpit is about done now. Note the plywood sole. This will be “glassed” over. The advantage of this over a steel sole is it helps deaden sound, and, is naturally insulated so doesn’t need a lot of foaming below.

Following are a series of shots showing miscellaneous cabinetry as it happens. I personally like a white painted interior with a bit of varnished trim . It looks more spacious, and of course is faster to build so costs less. But many people disagree with me, preferring the natural wood finish shown here. I like that too!

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