Kaya Cakar, owner of Asboat YachtBuilding, in Izmir.

Building a steel 41-plus DUCK in Turkey

Asboat likes to work from CNC cut material so is now making cutting files for all their projects. I’m glad Kaya is doing it because I do NOT have the skills and my ADD keeps me from even trying to learn. While making these files takes sometime, if you build more than 2 boats of the same design it ends up saving a good deal of building time, which helps in keeping the costs down. It also allows the yard to offer steel kits if they decide they want that side of the business. Here’s a view of the cutting file Kaya made for the 41-Plus DUCK. It is used for the second and all following ones going together there. I think he put in the interior and the outside stations and rails just to show off….

Kaya has been building all his boats to meet the EU certification process. That means his boats can be sold in Europe (most Asian and US ones can’t without reworking) and easily insured for open ocean work. The certification process is a big deal. If you’re interested, here’s what’s involved. Click on EUCertificationto see what hoops he needs to jump through to get that label for his boats.Personally while I like most of it some is ridiculous. For instance, bull dozers and backhoes and truck transmissions use rubber hydraulic hose. The EU wants extruded stainless steel pipe and won’t allow hydraulic hose. There’s some other dumb things too. But OK, install hydraulics later, and there are many good things about it including their approval of the construction, wiring , piping, and even design aspects.

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The Asboat yard in Izmir, Turkey, (see the”Link” to them on my Links page) is serious about custom building my designs. Here’s their first one, the 41-plus DUCK, going together.

Frames and bulkheads erected. Note the heavy “I” beam on each side, used to hold things absolutely rigid while the longs and chine go in. I haven’t seen this done before.
Here’s a close-up showing the setup above. Note how “fair” things are.
Stern view
Frame detail shows neat work.
Entire frame is up, most notches cut for the longs, forward house walls in place, and primer painted. This was just a few days to get to this point.

The above photos represent two weeks of work; serious folks them Turks!

Bow view showing. Crash Bulkhead.
Deck plate going down
Bottom complete and most of the frame in. Note these folks are building right side up as does Seahorse. The 45-Plus in Pt. Townsend was built upside down as her photos show. Which is better? It’s all personal preference and each proponent says their way is simpler!
Nice view of the stern and shaft log. The “ripple” look on the bottom is in the paint, NOT the plate!

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