The first step in any boatbuilding is the Lofting. This scares a lot of folks but there’s really nothing to it. The best description of how to do it is in Howard Chapelle’s book BOATBUILDING. The simplest description of how to do it is in, if you’ll forgive me, MY book; BUEHLER’S BACKYARD BOATBUILDING.
The frames on the Frame Assembly Table. These are “double sawed frames,” meaning two layers with overlapped butts. It’s pretty had to steam bend frames for a ship built to these scantlings. This is the way it is done.

Here’s Reg drilling the (laminated) keel. The lead ballast is behind him. I sure wish I could have been there to see how the hell they got the keel over the ballast bolts….
The keel is mounted on the ballast and the frames are being stood up. These frames are quite heavy; it must not have been fun to get them in position! Note the laminated deck beams in the foreground.

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