Here’s a growing list of Blogs written by folks out cruising Troller Yachts

Marlene & Benno approaching Cape Horn (photo from The Troller Yacht Book)

Moby Duck Blog: (4/2016) Jeff Appel’s highly informative blog about his experiences building and now using his “green” 462 Diesel Duck. This his his 9th large boat and it is rigged in all sorts of interesting ways. Jeff and the boat at this writing are in the Philippines, destination to be decided one of these days.

MV Moken Blog 7/6/16 reposted. For some reason this “link” disappeared. Odd. But who knows how this stuff works…. Anyway, this is an informative and entertaining blog by a Canadian couple aboard a 462 DUCK currently based in the Philippines.

Cruising with Benno & Marlene aboard their 41′ DIESEL DUCK: (8/10) These folks built an aluminum 41 DUCK in Canada and headed south. So far they’ve explored the Caribbean and circumnavigated South America. Aside from being entertaining, their writings are full of good tips.

Dave & Dorothy Nagle cruised their 462 DUCK from China across the North pacific to Alaska, then down to Seattle. At this writing they are running back and forth between California and Alaska.

Voyage of the 462 DUCK Doramac: Ruth Johnson’s blog about cruising from China in a Seahorse 462 DUCK. At this writing they are 4 years into the trip and are somewhere in southern Europe.

Voyage of the Vicki Lynn: Track the trip of the wood 48 DUCK (see building series at as Vicki & Harry finally are able to head south.

MV Alpenglowis Marcia and Kurt’s journey’s while transitioning to full-time living aboard their 50′ sedan version of a 462 Diesel Duck. This boat pushes the limits a bit of being a “troller” but the hull is so they’re welcome into our little club!

Voyage of the Peking (Duck): Jerie & John are cruising a 462 Seahorse DUCK. Some strange photos of them apparently enjoying a mud bath, in Catagena, Columbia. Apparently that town has changed since Tristan Jones wrote about it….

John & Eva Bird’s cruise aboard their 44 “Traditional” Duck. They bought the boat in Europe from a guy who had cruised it there via the Red Sea, and at this writing are in the “Med.”

Kathleen & John Douglas took delivery of a Seahorse 462 Sedan. This is the blog of their trip from the shipyard in Zuhai, to their home in Hawaii.

Gary & Vicki Luccio purchased the 41-Plus PEPI and had her shipped to Ensenada, Mexico. This is a blog about their cruising her home to the Seattle area.