45′ Plus Diesel Duck 6

New photos 4/20/09 The 45-Plus Diesel Duck, Page 6      This boat has some engine room. These photos were taken soon after the launch. I’m assuming everything will be labeled soon because everything else about the boat is first class and seamanlike, and the engineroom should be the same. To many yachts have machinery

45′ Plus Diesel Duck 5

New photos 4/19/09 The 45-Plus Diesel Duck, built by Townsend Bay Marine, launched 2007.  The helm has all the instruments you could imagine.     Commercial style hydraulic self storing anchor windlass. Note the “level winder Tony.” A “Tony” is a Ballard term used when you don’t know what something is called. What you do

Ducks Gallery 2

New photo 9/4/08 A not in order selection of photos….The new 462 Seahorse DUCK Sedan…. Sailing! Randall’s 462 Launched 10/8/06. The Fly Bridge is a good touch.  Here’s the original Duck, a 38 footer built by Millerick Bros. in Cotati, CA back in 1989. I think. I forget. This shot is from 2004 and shows

44′ Duck photos

The galley in a Seahorse 44. That ugly red carpet is covering a beautiful teak & holly sole…. This is boat has a passageway below the house to the aft cabin. Don’s 44 in Hong Kong just before heading off to Japan. Access to aft cabin is via pilot house rather than passageway. Don’s version has

Seahorse Ducks

11/4//2014 New rig drawings Seahorse 492 drawings10/28/2014 New 60′ Seahorse DUCK based research/survey vessel The Seahorse Built Diesel Ducks Currently featuring The 382, 462, the 462 Sedan and new in 2014, the 492 and 60 Survey vessel. The 462 Seahorse DUCK is a spectacular ship  You’ll read in other places on this site how the idea of the DIESEL DUCK boats came about.

Ducks Gallery 3

New 44 DUCK NOMAD, Seahorse’s 3rd and last Diesel Duck 44, hit the drink right side up this June 2003. Her topside finish is simply unbelievable as the photos with the reflections in them show. Keep in mind this is a steel boat! Jurgen (the owner) opted for forward slanting pilot house windows. It looks good! Since

Diesel Ducks Home

Diesel Ducksby George Buehler Yacht Design Cruise Report from The High Seas! 2/19/09 Marlene & Benno sent this email via Satellite (what a world!) in the original 41 as they were approaching Cape Horn. Note the well dressed German Yatchswoman at the door! Photos of the interior these folks built themselves posted here. April 2013, a Seahorse


The “Troller” (not Trawler) Yacht Concept This is condensed down from a couple chapters in my book The Troller Yacht Book, Norton Publishing, available mailorder from me or from better bookstores anywhere. I suggest if what you read here makes sense to you then read the book! It goes into far more detail….. We’ve all

41 Plus Construction Page 7

Added 8/13/08 Page 7, Building the 41-Plus DUCK The construction of the first 41-Plus is well along now and she’s showing some nice touches. Look at the teak house roof photos. It’s laid onto the steel deck of course, with neat “nibbed” ends. Teak is the traditional ship deck material because it is very directional

Duck 41 Interior Views 1

Benno & Marlene’s 41 DUCK Interior; Stern Cabin & Wheelhouse Benno and Marlene had the hull built, then took the bare boat and built the entire interior and mechanical systems themselves. They did a wonderful job as these photos show.If you are a little handy, building yourself is a very feasible option. You’ll save plenty

Building a 48′ Wood Duck 1

Documenting the Building of a Wooden 48′ DIESEL DUCK Vickie & Harry Borchert were kind enough to send along these photos showing the 48′ DIESEL DUCK they’re building. It’s obvious that these folks are good carpenters. However, what also is obvious is how really straight forward this type of construction is. Don’t get me wrong;

41 Plus Construction Page 8

Page 8, Building the 41-Plus DUCK It’s good to see a ship actually being built because it gives you a good idea of the yard’s craftsmanship. When things look neat DURING construction you can have a good idea that things are being done correctly. So if you’re examining a boat, look UNDERNEATH and behind things.

41 Plus Construction Page 9

Page 9, Building the 41-Plus DUCK I asked why they went to the extreme trouble of wrapping the steel like this, rather than use the “Floating Longs” system described elsewhere. Apparently the EU regs don’t allow longs that aren’t fully set into the frames. OK, we’ll develop the frames on new hulls…. These interior shots

55′ Duck Construction 8

Page 8; Building a 55′ DUCK Steel boats when built using long sheets like these are tend to be pretty “fair” naturally. However, this boat is getting a real yacht finish so time is spent doing really good surface fairing. More fairing…… Looking pretty good even IF the photographer was a bit crooked…… I like

History of Diesel Ducks

How Diesel Ducks came to be….a brief History Much of the credit for the original Diesel Duck, the 38′ Patti Ann, goes to Pat Blackshaw. Pat and her husband Joe were long-time liveaboards but were fed up with sailboats in general and the handling, structural, and mechanical problems of their 45-foot fiberglass sailboat in particular.

Ducks Gallery

5/12/10 Miscellaneous Photos in NO order! Seaductress at the dock in Canada. Note the double axles below this 41-Plus in Turkey, getting her primer paint. This has always been a thought of mine. Weld brackets to the keel you can attach several “low-boy axles” to her. Weld a serious 5th wheel “knob” to the bow

41 Plus Construction Page 6

5/5/08 Page 6, Building the 41-Plus DUCK Engine is now in. This boat has a 4 cyl. Volvo, actually built by Duetz. International Capitalism! Ain’t it grand! Note also that the exhaust appears to be mild steel, not stainless. This is far better because mild steel corrodes evenly. Stainless will show little pin spots, then

55′ Duck Tour 3

Her galley is huge. She has granite counters, an apartment size fridge, trash compactor, micro wave, and washer/dryer. Engine room access door is across from the sink, next to the fridge. Aft is the owner’s cabin and head. The white horizontal door across from the stove gives full access to the side of the engine.

382 Seahorse Duck 1

Revised 12/5/07 Here’s the first 382 getting commissioned. The 462 is popular but is both bigger, and more expensive, than many people want. We thought a smaller version would have a place hence this boat, the 382. As usual, we started with my design and then Bill tweaked around with it to make it more

382 Seahorse Duck 2

More 382 DUCK photos Entrance to the below decks cabin. Elaborate fuel polishing/filtering layout looks good. Note what looks like two filters on the upper left. They are NOT filters. They’re dampeners for the flo-scan meter so no, they won’t dump fuel on the sole. I made that mistake too! Typical Seahorse fully instrumented helm.

Diesel Duck Links

New Blog Link LADYDEWposted 2/9/18 Teddy the Love Sponge relaxed wherever he was. links in no particular order…. Troller yachts This section of this site is devoted to my book, back in print 2011, The Troller Yacht Book, 2nd edition. Aside from trying to sell my book, the site is a collection of general troller

Building a 48′ Wood Duck 13

Page 13: Building a Wood 48′ DieselDuck 6/26/06 The main cabin interior is looking good. Note how all the wiring is in a wood “channel”, easily accessible. Installing wiring or plumbing behind immovable furniture is common. It can be a huge maintenance headache, requiring disassembly of the ship to fix a problem…. The galley is

382 Diesel Duck Letter

This little ship is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. She’s sort of an Evolution version of the original 38, but a but more so in that she really is a new design, beamier and with considerable more refinements. I don’t sell the plans; she’s only available as a finished semi-custom production boat from Seahorse.

Building a 49′ Wood DUCK 1

Page 1: Matt’s 49 going together Hull “in frame” as it’s called Stern view. Matt sure has a nice “shed” to build in Fuel tank with numerous inspection/cleaning hatches Tanks and engine in place Bottom planking going on. Have you noticed how neat the woodworking is on these photos Planking completed and hull sheathed On

Duck 41 Interior Views 2

Benno & Marlane’s 41 Diesel Duck Interior page 2 Engine room access from main cabin Hatch in wheelhouse floor allows removal of engine, batteries, and other bulky items Half Spiral stair from wheelhouse to main cabin saves space. Like the athwart ships bed in the stern, this is another good idea I didn’t think of!

EU Certification

Users guide to the Recreational Craft Directive Any boat sold in Europe must be certified by the EU as to its construction and systems installations. The certification is expensive and time consuming which is why very few yachts sold in the US can be sold in Europe “off the shelf.” They all can be but

Duck Evolution

New Steel Versions: The Evolution Models The first DUCKS built in steel all floated below their waterlines when fully fueled and loaded. I never considered that an issue because it’s typical of all cruising boats; the DWL (Drawn Water Line) means just that; loaded for use is always something else. After all, a couple 44s

Duck Family

This stripped down version of the 48′ Diesel Duck surrounded by “the flock” shows her strong NW salmon troller roots. As recently as the 1970s she would have been a practical salmon troller. For that matter she would be today, but regulators have destroyed practically all forms of the family owned fish boat in America

44′ Seahorse Duck page 3

Various Details 7/18/02 New 44 going together. Note how”fair” the unpainted steel hull and rails are. Here’s what the stern “ladder”looks like from the deck. Note substantial welded life rails. Again, note how “fair”the seams and plate are. Dry exhaust. The problem is it leaves fine soot on the sails and deck, and is just